Product testing issues in pilot management of new products

  Industry News     |      2019-01-17

Test management methods and methods are still not mature in China, but we should use good test methods and processes as much as possible to minimize the risk of product quality.
Here is the responsibility of product testing. First of all, the product test mainly finds product design defects, whether the test hardware is compatible, whether the components have early failure, whether the software has BUG, ??resulting in abnormal use, etc., to check the design quality and reliability. Secondly, to find out the product testing standards, high-acceleration tests, record and find these test methods and equipment, form a test platform. Again, what test equipment and requirements are required for the production assembly process, which test equipment and requirements are required for hardware and software maintenance and repair. Finally, what are the special requirements for new products and what test conditions are available to meet these special test requirements?
The following focuses on the incremental build test method - IBT method. This method is adopted by industry benchmarking companies. The incremental construction and testing methods are divided into four phases: building module function verification BBFV, system design verification SDV, system integration testing SIT, system verification testing SVT.
Building module function confirms BBFV (Building Block Functional Validation). A building block refers to a design unit, such as a unit circuit, a software function, a structural part, and so on. BBFV is usually based on designers and tested by participants.
System Design Verification: Subsystem or module level testing, including basic functions, routine testing of performance, and various reliability tests such as fault tolerance/tolerance testing for electronic products, EMC testing, safety testing, noise Testing, thermal testing, environmental reliability testing, and more. In the case of mechanical structural products or components, SDV should increase fatigue testing, structural strength testing, structural rigidity testing, etc. SDV work is usually based on testers and designers participate.
System integration test SIT (SystemIntegrationTest) product machine test, the test content is almost the same as SDV, but increase usability test, maintainability test and packaging test. In the later stages of the development phase, the SIT is completed by the testers.
System Verification Test SVT (SystemVerificationTest): Test in the case of small batch trial production, the test content is almost the same as SDV, but emphasizes random sampling from the trial production line, paying attention to product quality consistency, SVT must be completed in the verification phase after SIT is completed. The SVT work is mainly for testers, and the trial personnel can participate.

It can be seen that the IBT method divides the product testing work into several steps, and performs a bottom-up comprehensive test on the product design unit, subsystem or module, and the whole machine. The test work follows the progress of the design work and realizes the product development process. Parallelization with the test workflow shortens the overall development cycle.
Other product testing concepts: Large-scale general-purpose software, usually required to perform Alpha and Beta testing before the official release, in order to test the function and performance of the software from the perspective of the actual end user, to discover that only the end user can find it. mistake.
We can understand this. At the New Year's Day or the Spring Festival annual meeting, many companies will hold annual meetings. For an active atmosphere, such as the annual meeting will rehearse some song and dance programs, invite customers or users to watch. Then invite a customer to their company to watch the rehearsal program, the customer to watch the evaluation on the spot, is the Alpha test of the software of the song and dance program. If the program goes to the customer to rehearse, the customer views the evaluation, which is the beta test of the program. The official performance of this song and dance program to customers to watch the evaluation, that is officially released. Because of the long test cycle, many companies do not do beta testing or package for third-party outsourcing companies.

The new product from the six stages of demand, design, coding, unit testing, acceptance testing, and maintenance, the sooner the BUG is found, the earlier the cost is lower, and the cost is gradually increased, which is a geometric multiple. Therefore, early testing, early detection, early resolution, the lower the cost. This is like building a house. First, we must find out the needs, what kind of house we need, draw a drawing, and the size of the area. If we find that it is not suitable, we will immediately change the drawings to find problems and solve problems in time. Wait until the drawings are fixed, confirm that they meet the requirements, start construction, build the first layer, the second layer, the third layer, the Nth layer from the piling, foundation, build the first problem, the sooner the problem is solved, the more the cost Low, we can imagine that if it is built into 10 layers, 20 or 30 floors, or when the cap is completed, it is found that the foundation or the floor below leaks steel, cement, or other necessary materials, processes, or oblique , smashing, misplacement, etc. do not meet the design requirements, and obviously do not meet the demand. It is conceivable that the later it is discovered, the greater the risk, the more difficult it is to rework! Fortunately, we have site inspections and engineering supervision in actual work. A variety of testing methods to ensure that is the tester in the new product pilot!

The tester performs corresponding manpower input according to each test phase, and performs dynamic balance test manpower according to the workload of the test phase.
In addition, the test work needs to establish a relatively complete test documentation system, including process specifications, instructions, templates, checklists, and so on. Test data is an important part of product data management.
The test problem is submitted to the corresponding development engineer in time, and the sooner it is discovered, the earlier the modification, the less the impact on the development progress of the development engineer. The test work follows the progress of the design work, parallelizes the product development process and the test workflow, and reduces the conflict between development and testing.